Week 12 Part A: Business Specific Online Tools I believe there are many amazing tools out there on the internet to help your growing business. I already discussed how awesome Linkedin is on my last post and how it can help you get more job opportunities. Yelp is great because it gives people an idea of what to expect from your company first hand from other peoples experiences. Having great Yelp reviews can really help boost your clientele. A lot of people check Yelp before the try a new place to see what other people think. Having amazing customer service skills and communication skills will really take your business far and when searched you will stand out among the rest. 
Week 11: Marketing with Twitter, Linkedin, Social Influencers.   I personally use Twitter and Linkedin and I like both. Twitter is not my favorite I prefer Instagram or Facebook more,  but Linkedin is beneficial because it will inform you when there are job openings in your area for the type of business your in. Your can connect with employers in your field and post your talents on your page.  Twitter is a little more difficult to get followers but in most cases the people are the actual people and not just their pages being ran by someone else. You can use hashtags like on other social media outlets but your posts are limited to a certain amount of words. If you have a lot to say you have to do multiple posts.  When it comes to networking which is very important to a growing, successful business Linkedin is really the best way to go. Not only can you get in touch with top employers and businesses in your field but you can branch out to other specific fields that could help your busine
  Week 10 Part B Developing an ENewsletter I commented on Natasha Flaherty, Jonathan Golding and Ty Morissette posts. They all made very valid points and made me think more about my own. I had a difficult time with mine and plan on working on it a lot more.
Week 10 Part A: Researching Email Marketing I think a newsletter is a great idea. I never really thought about doing one before. I think sending one out via email to my clients could bring them into the art world even more. Highlighting not only my work but other local artist, pictures of different styles of art and interesting short stories about each artist would all be great to have in the letter. Also local workshops, classes and art events might help draw in more clients to the local art scene. I love the idea of helping other artist grow and get noticed as well as myself. I also love the idea of maybe showing people that art is in so many different forms that they may have never noticed before and this newsletter could help do all of that.  
  Week 9 Part B: Using Categories  The categories that would be good for my blog to help my business grow would be all things art. Sharing not only my art but other amazing artists too. Sharing things that may grab the attention of  all kinds of people. I am aware that there are so many different preferences and styles of art that people like. I think sharing many different styles may help get my personal art out there. I was so sucked in to just pencil drawings but lately I am branching out and trying new types of art to see what else I am capable of creating. 
Week 9 Part A: Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts and Webinars  I believe adding a personal touch is extremely important. It will make your audience feel like they are connecting with a person instead of a computer. For my art business I draw portraits for people who lost loved ones. One that I remember the most is a friend of mine who wanted me to draw a picture of his friends mom who past away. I took extra long on this one as I wanted every detail to be perfect. When he gave him the portrait he said he teared up and this man never cries. I was so happy it meant that much to him and I was able to give him something he can always treasure. I think testimonials like this from the people I draw for could be a great way to add that personal touch. Not only that it makes me feel so happy to give people something handmade that means so much to them.    
Week 8 Part B: Your Instagram Hashtag Use Using hashtags this past week didn't make much of a difference for me. Maybe I am not using them enough or using the right ones for me. Since I am an artist I used #Art, #ArtistonInstagram, #Artist, #Pencil and #Graphite. They pop up automatically when you put the hashtag then start typing the word. It also shows how many people were using the same hashtag so I always try to use one a lot of people use. I used these hashtags at different times on different days and didn't see much action. I feel that hashtags can help get to people who don't follow you yet but more importantly word of mouth and a great page is going to get you recognized faster and more often.